Shley Suarez-Burgos

La Voz en Nuestra Manos Short Film

Shley Suarez Burgos (she/her/hers) was born and raised in Miami. At a young age, Shley discovered her passion for conservation-focused digital storytelling. Combining her background of professional salmon fishing, filmmaking and yoga instruction, she's discovered outlets for creative eco-storytelling by creating authentic conversations and events for diverse communities. She is currently a member of the Oceans Advisory Council/OYA, MANO Alumni Board, NASA IDEA Panel, and Treesources.

About their film: "La Voz en Nuestra Manos" is a Spanish short film highlighting Puerto Rico's deaf community's experience with the environment and accessibility. Featuring deaf people from different backgrounds that connect with natural spaces in their own unique way. The film will follow members of the deaf community, and supportive organizations that will teach us about the culture, experiences, and accessibility and inaccessibility that comes for this community in the outdoors. Unfortunately, deaf people in Puerto Rico are a marginalized community that lacks access to a wide range of topics; climate change, environmental health, laws, policies, weather, day to day news, and so much more - mainly due to not providing the proper interpretation tools to include this community in the conversation for subjects that affect them.

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Shley Suarez-Burgos

Shley Suarez Burgos (she/her/hers) was born and raised in Miami. At a young age, Shley discovered her passion…

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