01 July 2021

Free Tickets for Film Week Now Available

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Tickets for the inaugural Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week are now available. The event is free and will be held virtually through the AirMeet platform.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month following Indigenous People’s Day by participating in Hispanic Access Foundation’s Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week. This week, come and celebrate life with us through the stories of Latino, Black, Indigenous and other people of color with roots in nature - learning, experiencing, and uplifting the nexus between human communities and the lands, waterways, and ocean we call home. 

The festival is 100% virtual, free to attend for all, and will feature interactive discussions between artists, communities, and decision-makers on environmental topics. Click here to GET YOUR TICKET.



Tuesday, October 12 - Lands & Nature Day

Cultural, religious, and ancestral connections to nature and the land; adventure stories; ecosystems and biodiversity on land; parks and protected areas on land; nature-based solutions; land-based natural resources; urban nature; traditional land management knowledge and practices; restorative agriculture; etc.

Wednesday, October 13 - Climate Day

Stories of climate hazards such as flooding, sea level rise, wildfires, hurricanes, extreme heat, or drought; climate risks to people, ecosystems, and biodiversity; climate solutions; urban sustainability; threats from fossil fuels and greenhouse gases; threats from plastics; climate governance; etc.

Thursday, October 14 - Equity, Justice, & Health Day

Connections between pollutants and health; nature and health; correcting historic injustices; ties between racial justice, civil rights, social rights, and environmental and climate justice; just food systems; just transition; just recovery from the pandemic; etc.

Friday, October 15 - Ocean & Waterways Day

Cultural, religious, and ancestral connections to waterways and the ocean; ocean and water governance; water protectors; water and marine ecosystems and biodiversity; freshwater conservation; ocean and freshwater natural resources; water adventures; etc.



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