03 October 2022

Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week Announces 2022 Films: Films Will Highlight the Intersection of People of Color, Culture and the Environment

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Today, Hispanic Access Foundation announced the full selection of films being shown during Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week.

Featuring more than 40 films, the virtual festival will celebrate life through the stories of Latino, Black, Indigenous and other people of color with roots in nature – learning, experiencing, and uplifting the nexus between human communities and the lands, waterways, and ocean we call home. It will be held in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, following Indigenous People’s Day from Tuesday, October 11 to Friday, October 14, 2022, from 4-8 p.m. ET with FREE tickets available at https://bit.ly/OHOP2022.

“More than 400 Black, Indigenous, Latino and other people of color submitted their films to the first-ever Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week,” said Maite Arce, president and CEO of Hispanic Access Foundation. “Not only are these films the life's work and artistry of these amazing film makers, but these films represent stories that need to be known and shared worldwide. Through our film festival, we want to elevate their stories, culture and heritage, but we also want to start a dialogue between communities and decision-makers around the importance of engaging in climate action and policy.”

We work to intentionally create and curate a space for storytelling, dialog, learning, advocacy, and relationship building. One that brings together diverse audiences to celebrate their work, while uplifting the common threads of our experiences. We seek to create a space that can provide additional opportunities for funding, employment, education, and exposure for aspiring filmmakers of color.

The festival will be 100 percent virtual, free to attend for all, and will feature interactive discussions between artists, communities, and decision-makers on environmental topics. We will be showing a variety of short and feature films relating to the themes of Lands and Nature, Climate Crisis, Environmental Justice, and Ocean and Waterways. Below is the list of films selected to be shown during Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week:

Tuesday, October 11 - Lands & Nature Day

  • Premiere of Frontera a Frontera Film Series *, Gregg Flores, United States
  • Coffee with Adão, Rich Wheat, Brazil
  • Wherever You Are, Wherever I Am,
  • OrHoDa, Tigris alt sakda, Canada
  • Barry the beekeeper, Ikram Ahmed, United Kingdom
  • MUJER ESPÍRITU, Adriana Ronquillo, Mexico
  • Seven Ridges, Antonio Coello, Mexico

Wednesday, October 12 - Climate Day

  • Premiere of Our Heritage, Our Planet grantee films: Outlier: Trust, Shared Seas, Joanne, and Surf Dreamers
  • I Was Just a Child, Breech Asher Marfil Harani, Philippines
  • Kintsugi II, Alejandra Cardona, Switzerland
  • Htrae, Rishav Sha, India
  • #ClimateWoke short films
  • Drumoh, Armando López Castañeda, Mexico
  • Checkmate Humanity, Jon Kiriac, Dominican Republic
  • Flight to Earth, Ignacio Rodó, Spain
  • Annabelle's Aerodynamic Car, Philip Carr, United Kingdom
  • Agua Solar, Mario Orozco, Mexico
  • Premiere of Our Heritage, Our Planet grantee films: Food Access, Recreate With Respect

Thursday, October 13 - Environmental Justice Day

  • Before it’s too late, Alek Lean, Brazil
  • Titration: Radioactive Waste, Princeton, and the Navajo Nation, Michael Q. Ceballos, United States
  • STEM'd from my ancestors, Maliaq Kairaiuak, United States
  • Huwa Karu Yuxibu, Lara Jacoski, Brazil
  • The Improvement of Human Reason, Hossein Moradizadeh, Iran
  • Greenway, Jed Terrence Lee, United States
  • The Echo, Praveen, India

Friday, October 14 - Ocean & Waterways Day

  • Cartas de Amor: Letters to our Waterways Teaser *, Ashley Suarez-Burgos, United States
  • Águas Passadas - Past Waters, Denize Szabo, Brazil
  • The Krishna Cosmic Circle of Life, Maya Chandra, India
  • The small red, big blue, Hamed Nobari Asghar Besharati, Iran
  • De Panka, Alejandro Jose Espejo Arizaga, Ecuador
  • Marsh Clouds: the oysters of Harris Neck, Kevin Mannens, United States
  • Free to Swim, Okeremute Ovuorho, Nigeria
  • Women of the Wild, Molly Ferrill, Jaye Callahan, Mexico
  • Catch the Rain, Ajay Kumar, India

*Hispanic Access Film

Please reach out to conservation@hispanicaccess.org with any questions or visit https://ourheritageourplanet.org/ to learn more about the filmweek.

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