15 August 2019

Latino Families Celebrated Latino Conservation Week with Chino Hills Hike

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On Tuesday, July 16, Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) and Por La Creación Faith-based Alliance were led on an interactive hike in the beautiful Chino Hills State Park, as part of the 6th annual Latino Conservation Week. State Park Interpreter Ian Bernstein and HAF’s MANO Project intern Keila Vizcarra from the Angeles National Forest discussed the importance of taking care of our public lands and their experience with careers in California State Parks.

The 64 participants came from four churches -- Esquizita Presencia Church, Roca Sólida Church, Nueva Vida Church, Orange County First Assembly of God Santa Ana, and the Somos Amigos Pastoral Network -- to learn about the mission of PLC, which is to create the next generation of environmental stewards. They learned about the Leave No Trace principles and did a “Litter Getter” walk to keep Chino Hills clean and enjoyable for others.

Latino Conservation Week, a nationwide initiative launched by Hispanic Access Foundation in 2014, helps create opportunities for Latinos across the country to demonstrate their passion for enjoying the outdoors and to cultivate their role as environmental stewards. More than 200 organizations, parks and agencies are anticipated to celebrate LCW with as many as 150 events across the country.

“The Hispanic Access Foundation has done an immeasurable job in bridging the awareness gap for the Latinx community on the accessibility of public parks, trails, and open spaces within their own neighborhoods,” said Rep. Gilbert Cisneros, Jr. “ I want to commend the Hispanic Access Foundation's work for this year's Latino Conservation Week and their efforts to highlight the importance of preserving sanctuary open spaces."

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